Uniting traditions in Music

Participation in the MOTIVE project offers participants an enriching and unique opportunity to engage in intercultural dialogue through music. Here are the key benefits and chances that the project provides: 

  1. Celebrating diverse cultural heritages: Participants will explore and celebrate various national heritages, contributing to and experiencing the development of original music deeply rooted in diverse cultural traditions.

  2. Collaborative research and co-creation: Engage in collaborative research, co-creation, and co-production processes, which provide a platform to delve into traditional music heritage and create original music.

  3. International learning and creative experiences: The project offers extraordinary opportunities for participants to experience international learning and creative processes, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

  4. Focus on local music traditions: With a particular emphasis on local music traditions, such as Calabria’s choral music and Lithuania’s unique musical heritage, participants will have the chance to immerse themselves in specific cultural musical traditions and use them as a basis for joint creation.

  5. Building on local heritage: The project aims to valorize national heritages and intercultural dialogue, encouraging young musicians to build upon their local heritage and create original music pieces in international cooperation.

  6. Knowledge sharing with accomplished partners: Cooperation with accomplished partners in the project will provide a platform for additional knowledge sharing and learning from each other’s musical and cultural backgrounds.

  7. Mixing different national heritages: Musicians will work together to mix different national heritages in a way that promotes originality and cultural exchange, leading to the creation of innovative and original music.

  8. Producing and distributing original music: The original music produced will be distributed on the European music market, showcasing the participating countries’ collaborative effort and cultural richness.

  9. Long-Term goals and expansion: Starting with the creation of one original music piece during the project, there is a long-term aim to create at least five original music pieces by extending this methodology to new organizations, contributing to a collection of new anthems of European joint heritage.

MOTIVE not only provides a platform for artistic growth and development but also aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity through music, creating lasting impacts on the participants and the wider European music industry.

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