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— Our mission

Harmonizing Heritages: Cultivating Musical Diversity and Empowering Young Artists

Our primary mission is to valorize national heritages and foster intercultural dialogue through the exchange of knowledge and music traditions. This is achieved through research, co-creation, and co-production of original music that reflects diverse cultural heritages.MOTIVE focuses on enhancing the careers of young musicians by providing training in key competencies needed in the future European Music Sector. The project includes capacity-building activities, workshops, and a blend of theoretical and practical learning.

— Our vision

Uniting Europe Through Music: MOTIVE's Vision for a Sustainable and Inclusive Musical Future sound

The MOTIVE project is founded on the integrated approach adopted by the European Commission for the music sector, known as Music Moves Europe (MME). The project integrates various priority action areas within MME, involving entities from countries such as Lithuania, Italy, and Poland, which have fewer opportunities for international engagement in the music sector. MOTIVE combines traditional music, music networks, capacity building, and mobility, shaping them according to the cultural and physical geography of the project. Simultaneously, the project aligns with the European Green Deal and The New European Bauhaus initiative, aiming to create a path towards a sustainable and inclusive future. MOTIVE seeks to share beautiful places, practices, and experiences that are enriching, sustainable, and inclusive.

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Meet the Motive Consortium

Nida Culture and Tourism Information Centre

NIDA CTIC AGILA, operating in the Neringa resort, is an organization that combines cultural and tourism activities on the Curonian Spit.


A non-profit organization ith almost 50 years of experience in the music sector. Beethoven Association follows various activities aimed at young musicians.

CRAVE Music Agency

Established in 2017, CRAVE provides a comprehensive offer for artists and labels, such as managerial support, training and coaching and professional promotional and advertising services.

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