Merging traditions
Into New Voices
of Europe.

Our goal is to unite amateur musicians from across Europe, fostering collaboration and exploration of various musical traditions, leading to the joint creation of original music within an international collective.

Training Program for Digital and Green Transition in the Music Industry

The MOTIVE training program offers a comprehensive training curriculum tailored explicitly for amateur musicians and industry operators, focusing on entrepreneurship and adapting to digital and green transitions in the music industry.

Fusing Intercultural Dialogue and Music Traditions

The MOTIVE project seeks to celebrate and elevate national heritages through intercultural dialogue rooted in the exchange of knowledge and music traditions. Initial research into local music traditions sets the foundation for collaborative music creation, blending diverse heritages to foster innovation and cultural amalgamation in music production.

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Fostering Transnational Networks and Mobility
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Building Bridges in music industry

The MOTIVE project is dedicated to enhancing transnational experiences and fostering global connections in the music industry, with an emphasis on mobility for musicians. Central to the project is the creation of an artistic collective, a burgeoning network of musicians and experts, aimed at expanding through collaborations with cultural organizations across and beyond Europe.

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Discover What participation in MOTIVE Project can offer you

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The project aims to boost the professional careers of young musicians by offering advanced training in music entrepreneurship and business, as well as opportunities for networking and career development. It also provides transnational experiences of co-creation and training, helping musicians form new synergies across Europe.

Participants in the MOTIVE project will receive a comprehensive range of professional training, which is a blend of both theoretical and practical skill development. This training will include music production workshops, music business and management seminars, performance and stage presence workshops, digital marketing and social media strategies, and other, tailored to their individual needs. 

Participants will involve in a three-level process at the base of artistic creation:

  1. Research activities: Participants will engage in research and interviews with various stakeholders in their local contexts to unearth valuable local music traditions.
  2. Co-development: Musicians will rework the gathered materials through artistic workshops, initially conducted online, followed by transnational masterclasses. This stage encourages the reinterpretation and integration of diverse musical traditions into new artistic expressions.
  3. Final concert: The culmination of this phase is the organization of a final concert in Italy, where the musical pieces created during the project will be performed. 

The MOTIVE project is dedicated to promoting transnational experiences and connections through the mobility of musicians. We focuse on cultivating international connections among musicians and a significant outcome of this efforts will be the establishment of an artistic collective by the project’s end. MOTIVE collective will not only be a transnational network of musicians and experts but also aims to grow extensively over the long term.

Musicians will collaboratively work to blend various national heritages, enhancing the creativity and originality of music production and allowing for a dynamic fusion of cultures.

Participants will gain enhanced professional skills, be part of a creative music-making process, and contribute to a unique transnational music collective, potentially leading to long-term connections and opportunities in the European music scene.

It seeks to increase the competitiveness and attractiveness of the European music sector by implementing transnational models of creative processes. The project’s methodology and outcomes are expected to be replicated in other national and international contexts, potentially influencing a broader range of musicians and organizations beyond the initial partners.


The MOTIVE Collective is more than just a project; it’s a movement towards fostering creativity, collaboration, and cultural exchange in the music industry.

Why Join Us?

  • Gain firsthand experience in the international music industry.
  • Develop your skills with the guidance of experienced professionals.
  • Connect with a diverse group of musicians and industry experts.
  • Contribute to and benefit from a rich cultural and musical exchange.
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