OPen call for young artists

Project MOTIVE “Merging Original Traditions Into new Voices of Europe

MOTIVE is a project involving 15 European musicians from Italy, Lithuania, and Poland (five representatives from each country) in their first musical experiences. 

The project’s main objective is to foster young musicians’ careers by creating an international collective of musicians who, by exploring the respective musical traditions of each country, will create a joint production of new compositions in a crossover style, contaminating different musical languages and traditions.

MOTIVE is a transnational project that will be articulated and developed in three fundamental phases from 01/10/2023 to 31/03/2026.

Activities are expected to start in March 2024, depending on the finalization of the selection process.

Applicants will later be informed more precisely about the start of the activities, the detailed program, and the duration of each training activity. 

  1. Research activities: the selected musicians will research the most important musical traditions of their respective countries of origin.
  2. Co-development and artistic production: the results of the research will be shared, studied, and re-elaborated among all the participants through workshops (online) and masterclasses (in presence) held by qualified lecturers in the different fields to produce the new artistic musical project MOTIVE. The Masterclass will take place in Lithuania, specifically in Nida. A training (MOTIVE Pilot Lesson) will also be organized for a total of 30 hours (workshops and lectures) in online and in-presence mode (Poland) on the following topics: music business, copyright, recording techniques, and music production, held by qualified lecturers in the different fields.
  3. Set up, perform, and distribute the new artistic-musical project MOTIVE, which will see the participation of all 15 selected „MOTIVE Collective” musicians in a live concert in Crotone (Italy). In addition, a Forum will be organized through which the results of the research work and the new musical compositions of the „MOTIVE Collective,” a virtuous example in Europe of a transnational network of musicians working on European musical traditions under the banner of contamination, will be presented to the press.

All selected musicians (five per country) will be guaranteed air travel, food, and accommodation costs. Participants will be obliged to attend at least 80% of the total number of hours of the various phases of the MOTIVE project (Research activities; Co-development and artistic production; Set-up, performance, and distribution of the new MOTIVE artistic-musical project). 

A female presence of at least 40% of the MOTIVE project participants will be guaranteed. At the end of the activities, each participant will receive a certificate of participation.

Regulations for participants


Musicians of European citizenship, aged between 18 and 30, non-professional (non-professional means a non-career musician with a maximum of 2 years’ experience in the music sector) may participate.  

Art. 2 

Amateur musicians from any musical background (e.g. pop, rock, jazz, world music, classical, ethnic music, rap, etc.) may participate in the call for applications. In addition, they must be able to play at least one musical instrument and must be able to use at least one music recording or music video writing software such as Logic Pro, Finale, Cubase, Sibelius, etc. 

Art. 3 

The candidate shall submit a maximum of two (2) of his/her compositions in .mp3 format of a maximum duration of 3 minutes each. 


The candidate shall present himself/herself using a video in English, lasting a maximum of 4 minutes, in which he/she shall present his/her artistic career and the style and genre of his/her compositions. 

Art. 5 

The candidate must submit a letter in English in which he/she will justify his/her participation in the MOTIVE call.

Art. 6 

The candidate must submit his/her curriculum vitae in the Europass format and in English.    

Art. 7 

To apply, the candidate must complete the Application Form, and attach all the required documents by 10th March 2024. 

Any application sent after the deadline mentioned above will not be evaluated.

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