International Music Network

Participation in the MOTIVE project offers participants a unique opportunity to expand their musical horizons and establish global connections. Here are the key benefits and chances that the project provides: 

  1. Transnational collaboration: Participants will have the chance to collaborate with music professionals from Italy, Lithuania, and Poland, creating a dynamic, international community of artists with similar interests.

  2. Mobility and networking: The project facilitates the mobility of musicians, allowing them to travel, interact, and work with artists and organizations across borders. This mobility is a central aspect of the project, encouraging cross-cultural exchange and collaboration.

  3. Co-Creation of original music: Participants will be involved in the co-production of original music pieces, going through a creative process that includes research, co-creation, and performance.

  4. Learning and capacity building: The project is designed to provide learning opportunities that enable beginner musicians to access the European Music Industry. It includes training sessions and creative activities on a transnational scale.

  5. Exposure to diverse musical traditions: Under the artistic direction of Società Beethoven ACAM, the project emphasizes musical research and the study of local traditions, enriching your understanding of various musical cultures.

  6. Promoting peace, equality, and care: The project carries a message of peace, equality, and care, reflecting the environmental and geopolitical concerns of EU citizens and institutions. This is achieved through the transnational creation and circulation of European works, artists, ideas, and organizations.

  7. Access to international platforms: Participants will gain access to global streaming platforms, enhancing their visibility and providing opportunities to showcase their talent on a larger stage.

This project not only fosters artistic growth and development but also aims to create a lasting impact on the music industry by promoting cultural exchange, collaboration, and innovation across national borders.

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